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Welcome to my personal section. I believe wholeheartedly in living an integrated life. Integrated living centers on the core Christian principle that what we profess to believe and what resides in our hearts should influence all we do and who we are. “Integrated” by definition means: “To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify; to join with something else; unite.” Thus, to live integrated lives we are called to “bring all our parts together” in Christ and for His glory. It is in the submitting of our best and our worst-- unified under his Lordship-- that we are reconciled to Him. Rather than compartmentalizing our faith, education, family, work, service, and so forth... we recognize the concentric nature of these overlapping spheres; we seek to live in that space, as opposed to an either/or dichotomy. 

In the spirit of integrated living and in believing all the best parts of me are all the more enhanced because of my family, I've dedicated this space as a bridge of sorts between my professional and personal life. Feel free to browse this page to learn more about my non professional, non academic life, which, to be honest, is arguably more interesting and engaging than the rest of my life! For all things career, please peruse the other tabs.



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