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Research Interests 

- The Church and Cultural Engagement 

- Human Trafficking Prevention Advocacy

- Faith, Work, and Vocational Leadership 

Invited Speaking Topics

- Human Trafficking Curriculum’s Impact on Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes,

and Advocacy About Human Rights and Social Justice Issues

- Your Calling Matters: Lead Vocationally in Your Sphere of Influence

- Finding the Sacred in the Secular:  Integrating Faith, Engaging Culture


Christina Y. Crenshaw





Cultural Engagement and Leadership

Faith Integrated Education 

Human Trafficking Prevention Education




Ph.D., Baylor University, Waco, TX, 2013

      Curriculum and Instruction

      Concentrations: English, American Literature 

Dissertation: Teaching for Transformation: Engaging a Christian Worldview into Courses to Address Social Issues


M.T.S, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX, (In Progress, Per Fellowship)

      Postdoctoral Cultural Engagement and Leadership Fellow

      Concentrations: Faith, Vocation, and Leadership


M.Ed., Cambridge College, Boston, MA, 2005

      English Literature, Reading, and Language Arts for Secondary Education

      Thesis: An Integrated Approach to Teaching English and History as One Course


B.A., Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 2002

      Major: English Literature. Minors: Psychology and Education 

      Texas Teaching Certification, English, 6-12

      Graduated with Honors




Full Time Temporary Lecturer, English Department, Baylor University, 2017- Present

      ENG 1302      Thinking and Writing

      ENG 1304      Research, Thinking, and Writing

      ENG 1310      Writing and Academic Inquiry, Faith and Writing Focus

      HON 3101      Advanced Readings and Research 

      HON 4V87     Honors College Thesis (University Scholars and BIC Students)


Director of Faith and Sports Institute, Truett Seminary, Baylor University, 2016- 2017

Directed Truett Seminary’s Faith and Sports Institute (FSI) program, which assists high school students from culturally and theologically diverse backgrounds to grow in their integration of faith into sports and life. As the Director, I assisted in the supervision of all personnel related to program design, research, and marketing and community partnerships. 


Leadership Studies Lecturer and Coordinator, School of Education, Baylor University, 2014-2016

Directed the Leadership Studies Minor; Advised, mentored, and coordinated over 200 LDS students; Developed leadership courses; Organized the hiring and retention of LDS faculty; Facilitated faculty training and provided support to LDS partners.


      LDS 1301        Introduction to Leadership

      LDS 2301        Vocational Leadership


Assistant Professor, California Baptist University, 2012-2014

      EDU 300        American Public Schools

      EDU 302        Growth, Development, and Learning

      ENG 123       Intermediate Composition and Rhetoric

      ENG 201       Introduction to English for Majors and Minors*

      ENG 313       Multicultural Literature

      ENG 353       Children’s Literature*

      ENG 363       Young Adult Literature

      * Course Designer for WASC Accreditation 


Part Time Faculty, McLennan Community College, 2009-2011 

      ENG 1301      Freshman Composition I 

      ENG 1302      Freshman Composition II 


Graduate Assistantship: Instructor of Record, Baylor University, 2008-2011

      TED 3380       Social Issues in Education 

      TED 2381       American Educational Thought 

      TED 1312       Introduction to Teaching 


Graduate Assistantship: Researcher, Baylor University, 2009-2011

      Media Literacy and Young Adult Literature

      Assistant to the Guest Editor of Action in Teacher Education (ATE)


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Baylor University, 2008-2009

      Course: ENG 1304, Hispanic Families in Transition


Academic Support Advisor, Baylor University, 2006-2008

Managed over 300 student referrals from faculty

Established Baylor’s Student Referral System                                      

Equipped students with college success strategies

Advised undergraduate students for classes



4 Years Experience in Secondary Education


English Teacher, Robinson High School, Robinson, TX, 2005-2006

     Advanced Placement Eleventh and Twelfth Grade English Teacher


English Teacher, Lexington Christian Academy, Lexington, MA, 2003-2005

     Middle School English Teacher


English Teacher, Poteet High School, Dallas, TX, 2002-2003

     Eleventh Grade English Teacher





Dallas Theological Seminary Cultural Engagement and Leadership Fellowship, 2018-2019

Recipient of New Student Experience Top Twenty Faculty Award, 2019

Nominated by the School of Education for Baylor’s Outstanding Dissertation Award, 2014

Recipient of Baylor University Oral History Institute Community Oral History Grant, 2013 

Recipient of Baylor University’s Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award, 2011 

Recipient of Kappa Delta Pi Marcella L. Kysilka Curriculum and Instruction Award, 2011 

Recipient of Who’s Who Among America’s Graduate Students, 2010

Recipient of Baylor University’s Full Tuition and Graduate Stipend Award, 2008-2013 

Recipient of Graduate Travel Funds for Conference Presentations, 2009-2013



Crenshaw, C. (Forthcoming 2021). Redeeming  Justice: How our callings contribute to the common good.Brazos Press. 





Crenshaw. C(under review). Justice, praxis, and agency: Teaching first year writing courses and inspiring student activism. Journal of Christian



Zhu, T., Crenshaw, C., Scott, L. (2019). Combating human trafficking: Equipping students to become change agents through curriculum. Education

     and Urban Society, 32-46. 


Scott, L., Crenshaw, C(2017). : Examining A21 curriculum’s impact on students’ knowledge, attitudes, and advocacy about anti-Human trafficking

     rights and issues. Journal of Human Trafficking, 1-18.


Crenshaw, C.& et. al. (2014). Bodies are not commodities Texas version: Anti-human trafficking curriculum. The A21 Campaign. 


Schwarz, G. & Crenshaw, C.(2011). Old media, new Media: The graphic novel as Bildungsroman. Journal of Media Literacy Education. 3:1,






Crenshaw, C. & Bock, D. (2019) The church and cultural engagement: How now should we lead? Christian Leadership Alliance. Dallas, TX.


Crenshaw, C. (2018). Involving Texas Schools in the Fight Against Human Trafficking. Children at Risk. Harris County Administrators and Teachers.

     Houston, TX


Crenshaw, C. (2018). Faith and Work: Do we need the movement on college campuses? Faith at Work Summit. Chicago, IL.


Crenshaw, C. (2018). Teaching against human trafficking. National Association of Multicultural 

     Education. Dallas, TX.


Crenshaw, C. (2017).Not in my city, not in my classroom. University of Nebraska’s 8th Annual 

      Interdisciplinary Human Trafficking Conference. Lincoln, NE. 


Crenshaw, C. (2016). Combating human trafficking: An analysis and assessment of an anti human trafficking curriculum used in secondary          

     classrooms. University of Nebraska’s 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Human Trafficking Conference. Lincoln, NE. 


Crenshaw, C. (2015). Combating human trafficking: An analysis and assessment of anti human 

     trafficking curriculum used in urban classrooms. National Conference for Social Studies' CUFA. New Orleans, LA. 


Crenshaw, C. (2014). Finding the sacred in the secular:  Using film as a platform for integrating 

     faith and learning in classrooms. Paper presented at Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture: Faith and Film. Waco, TX. 


Crenshaw, C. (2013). Teaching for transformation: Engaging a Christian worldview when 

     preparing teacher candidates to address K-12 social issues. Paper presented at Biola University’s Justice, Spirituality, and Education (JSE)

     Conference. La Mirada, CA.


Crenshaw, C. (2012). ABD. Now what? Paper presented at Association of Teacher Educators. San Antonio, TX.


Crenshaw, C. (2011). Equipping teachers to become agents of change with a Christian  worldview. Paper presented at Baylor Symposium on

     Faith and Culture: Educating for Wisdom in the 21st Century University, Waco, TX. 


Crenshaw, C. (2010). The interplay of text and image: Teaching the graphic novel as a Bildungsroman in secondary classrooms. Paper presented

     at Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association. Atlanta, GA. 


Schwarz, G. and Crenshaw, C. (2010). Teaching the graphic novel as a Bildungsroman. Paper presented at the American Association for

     Teachers of Curriculum. St. Louis, MI.


Crenshaw, C. (2010). Community college students reflect on their placement in and successful completion of developmental reading and writing        courses: A narrative inquiry. Paper presented at Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference in Cedarville, OH. 


Crenshaw, C. (2008). From Design to delivery: Implementing strategies that encourage minority students’ campus involvement. Paper presented at

     First Year Experience Conference in Santa Barbara, CA.


Crenshaw, C. & Hambrick, D. (2007). Creating and promoting a student success center: A campus-wide initiative. Presented at First Year  

     Experience Conference in Dallas, TX.





Mission Connections Conference: The Church and the Fight Against Trafficking, Portland, OR

Dallas Theological Seminary: ) The Table Podcast: Human Trafficking and The Church; 2) Balancing Work and Motherhood

Theology of Hustle: Podcast

Northwest Bible Church: Headline Conference Speaker Vocational Calling

Christian Leadership Alliance, Faith, Justice, and Cultural Engagement

Operation Mobilization, Freedom Climb

Propel Women with Christen Caine, Launch at Liberty University




American Educational Research Association (AERA) 

American Educational Studies Association (AESA) 

American Association for Teaching and Curriculum (AATC)

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP)

National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) 

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)





Advisor for three Human Trafficking Focused Honors College Theses, 2017-Present

- Madeline Seabaugh, Noelle Flores, Anne Louise Newton, Matt Martens

Session Chair for the Institute for Faith and Learning Conference, 2019

Board Member of Faith and Sports Institute, 2017

Board Member of Baylor University’s Leadership Lecture Series Speaker Committee, 2015-2017

Speaker at Kappa Kappa Gamma Education and Training Night, 2015

Frequent Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Research on Christian Education; Christian Education Journal; Journal of Human Trafficking





Refuge Waco Homeless and Foster Care Ministry, Advisory Board Member, 2019-Present

Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition Committee Member, 2015-Present

A21 Campaign, Education Advisory Committee and Consultant, 2013-Present

Prevention Education Volunteer Trainer with UnBound, 2014-Present

Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition Prevention Committee Chair, 2015-2018

STARS Reading Mentor, Antioch Community Church and Waco ISD, 2010-2012

Mission Trip Leader to Mexico, Uganda, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Greece, 2005-2019




Available on request.

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